Choose Your Payment Plan

One Time Fee

$9,997.00 USD 

This option provides $1,053.00 USD in savings,




Two Yearly Payments

$5,200 USD

This option provides $650 in savings,




Monthly Payment

$450.00 USD

Billed monthly for 24 months,

totalling $10,800.00 USD.

This option provides $250 in savings,




Pay Per Module

$650.00 USD

Seventeen payments totalling $11,050.00 USD.

This option allows you to set your own pace, and the program is fully paid for prior to the start of the clinical portion.


The books that are needed in addition to the written material are purchased by the student (the full list is provided upon enrollment).


Also accepting equivalent in cryptocurrency!
​Please ask for details if you wish to use this option.

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