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All of the health challenges that our animals experience can be traced to one or more of the four major causes: faulty nutrition and/or environment, traumatic history, heredity, and the resonance with the owner. In order to become a competent practitioner, you will learn to recognize and deal with each of these causes.

The species covered in depth are those you will work with most frequently: dogs, cats, cattle and horses. However, through understanding of the principles and the dynamic physiology of animals, you will be well equipped to deal with any species, including the wild ones. You will also participate in teleconferences which will expand the material and answer your questions.



You will have a personal instructor who will guide you through the program. As you complete each assignment, you will send it to your instructor. The instructor may ask you additional questions to make sure that the assignment is correct and the material is well understood. Expect your assignments to be returned within two weeks.

You don't have to worry about grades! You have either passed an assignment or some extra work is needed. This program is about learning and the mistakes are opportunities for better understanding.




There are seventeen modules in the theoretical part of the program. They have to be submitted one at a time, as they build upon one another. However, upon enrollment you will receive the complete book list for the entire course, and will be able to prepare yourself for modules to come if you so desire.

Modules will take you through the following subjects:

  • the true origin of species

  • basics of anthroposophic science

  • dynamic physiology of animals, the holistic thread that expresses itself in every aspect of an animal, and the way of thinking that sees wholeness

  • true nature of nutrients and their role in living organisms

  • carnivore nutrition

  • herbivore nutrition

  • the dual nature of disease

  • homeopathy basics and history

  • symptomatic approach

  • sequential therapy

  • chronic miasms

  • homotoxicology

  • immunization

  • solutions to choices owners frequently encounter, such as heartworm, parasites, etc.

  • the role of mind and consciousness in the human/animal link

  • for a more detailed description of modules click here




The uniqueness of this program truly stands out in the clinical portion of your studies. You will take on five real cases and follow them for several months (five appointments each) under the direct supervision of your instructor. This is virtual hand holding, so that upon graduation you feel confident to continue on your own.




The program should be completed in two years. Since each student procedes at his or her own pace, and comes to this program with different prior knowledge and interests, the time may sligthly vary.




Founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), homeopathy is a science based on

​the natural law of similars and the dynamic nature of disease process. Dr. Hahnemann has provided humanity with a principled and safe medical system that is very easy to administer to humans and animals alike.



To truly understand the animal organism, its place in the natural world, its needs, and the spiritual forces that govern it, we study the basics of anthroposophy and explore the writings of such great minds such as Goethe, Steiner (pictured), Bortoft, Holdrege and others.

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